Product Marketplace

EthicHub’s product marketplace is the culmination of the capital provided by lenders for the farmers loan, the collateral provided by our stakers and the work of our farmers. It is a way to give added visibility to the produce of our farmers.

As in some cases, EthicHub buys and exports the produce of our farmers, we have the ability to sell it at a European price and showcase the work of our farmers. However, as this export is only possible thanks to our farmers' work, it is only fair they receive half of the sale’s profit.

FoodForThought: Coffee or any other products you may try in our shop are mostly unknown to the general public. The reason for this is that our farmers' production is too small for them to export their produce to the world; however, through EthicHub, we can achieve this together.

Currently (Feb 2022), the products on the platform revolve around coffee from various smallholder farmers. In the future, other types of products will make their way to our platform and more profits will be generated and distributed to the bottom line (smallholder farmers), which have often been disregarded.

If you wish to try those products, you can order them here through our product marketplace or make your way to CryptoCafé in Madrid. We already ship to a number of European countries and will expand our logistics in the future in order to ship to more places.

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