$ETHIX Token

The token securing impact investing

Connecting DeFi to the impactful productive economy: Yield farmers backing actual farmers to secure their loans with a liquid crowd-collateral.

(Ethereum) Ethix Contract Address: 0xfd09911130e6930bf87f2b0554c44f400bd80d3e

(Gnosis) Ethix Contract Address: 0xec3f3e6d7907acDa3A7431abD230196CDA3FbB19

(Celo) Ethix Contract Address: 0x9995cc8F20Db5896943Afc8eE0ba463259c931ed

The Ethix Contract 0x751c0834599C49E2e857Ca9F1Cdf929e6FA45119 in Celo is deprecated

EthicHub’s native token, an ERC-20 by name of $Ethix (Ethix) sustains an incentive loop to benefit all stakeholders within its impact ecosystem, in a shared value generation model. Ethix's main feature is to provide collective collateral to secure financing for smallholder farmers excluded from the traditional financial system. Eliminating the perception of risk related to this profile of borrower by providing a liquid collateral to the loans will increase the volume of financial resources available to them.

Smallholder farmers account for a third of the total food production in the world. Investing in this underserved sector is paramount to generate not just social and economic but also environmental impact.

Stakeholders are rewarded to secure the system by collateralizing the loans, to provide liquidity in the form of Ethix and LPs in decentralized exchanges (DEX) and to deposit Ethix in a general staking pool to build buying pressure. Ethix holders are also entitled to participate in governance through the future EthixDAO.

Ethix promotes behavior that adds value to the ecosystem by redistributing the network effect value creation among the agents who contribute the most to it: Lenders who provide working capital to farmers will achieve a higher interest rate if they prove to have staked Ethix. Originators staking part of the collateral to access lending, will improve the token value once the debt is repaid. Auditors staking collateral on behalf of Originators earn a 2% of paid back loans and their staked tokens contribute to making the CS stronger and more secure. Every loan in the lending platform contributes to the CS buying a small percentage of the loan in Ethix, generating a sustainable demand for it. All users who immobilize Ethix contribute to make the CS stronger and more secure; they are rewarded with incentive Ethix. Users who provide liquidity to Ethix are also rewarded with incentives in the form of Ethix.

Currently, EthicHub’s $Ethix is available on three chains, Ethereum, xDAI (Gnosis) and Celo. We believe in a Multichain future and so on will have a presence on more chains in the future.

Technical Details

NOTE: Use proxy address for integration.

  • Name: Ethix Token

  • Symbol: ETHIX

  • Decimals: 18

  • Cap: 100.000.000 ETHIX

  • Upgradeable: Yes

  • Standards: ERC20, ERC667, EIP 2612 permit function, allowing gas-less transactions and one transaction approval/transfer.

Staked $Ethix tokens

(Ethereum) Staked ETHIX (stkETHIX)

Contract Address: 0x5b2bbbe7DFD83aA1f1CD0c498690E6EcC939CC2D

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