💜Purchase Ethix in Ubeswap (Valora)

Steps to purchase Ethix with cUSD in Ubeswap


  • cUSD (crypto asset) in your wallet


1. Once you got CELO available in your Valora, open the app, go to the menu on the top right corner and click on Dapps. Then scroll down to the section Lend, Borrow & Earn to find EthicHub and select it. When you click on Go to EthicHub it will forward to our dApp https://ethix.ethichub.com/

2. Scroll down to Ethix Markets -> Ubeswap and click on Buy, and it will be forwarded to Ubeswap.

3. Once in Ubeswap, connect your wallet with Valora as follows

4. Choose the amount of cUSD and it will show the amount of Ethix automatically according to the current exchange rate. For the first time you buy Ethix with cUSD in Ubeswap, you have to Approve cUSD.

5. Once is Approved click on Swap and then Confirm swap. It will ask to sign the transaction again.

6. Wait for the confirmation of the transaction and voilà! Welcome, Ethixholder!! 👏 You can see your Ethix balance has changed, but if you want to check it in our dApp, follow these directions.

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