🪱Wormhole (Ethereum<->Celo)

Move Ethixs tokens from Ethereum mainnet to CELO or viceversa

We will use https://www.portalbridge.com/ to convert Ethix tokens between Ethereum mainnet and CELO network.


  • Metamask wallet

  • Ethereum network in Metamask wallet and ETH balance for gas

  • Celo network configured (you can use http://chainlist.org to configure Celo network), and CELO tokens balance for gas in Celo (less than 1 USD)

1. Select source and target networks

2. Connect your wallet with Portalbridge in Ethereum Mainnet

3. Select token Ethix by searching by name

4. Select the amount of Ethixs tokens to transfer

5. Connect the wallet with Celo network

6. Select payment fees (can be less than 0.01 CELO) and click NEXT

7. Switch to Ethereum network again and approve unlimited or selected amount of tokens.

8. Confirm transfer from Ethereum to CELO

9. Wait for 15 confirmations

10. Switch to Celo network

11. Redeem and sign the transfer in your wallet

12. Add Ethix token to Metamask wallet in Celo network

13. There you go! Now you can see your Ethix in Metamask in Celo Network and start participating in our staking program or liquidity pools!!

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