Progressing Towards Ethix Governance

It's still early days for Ethix governance, but the intention is to develop and cultivate decentralized governance rapidly and strategically.

It is important to note that all the parameters in the EthicHub protocol were adjusted for the best necessities of EthicHub at the time. In the future, EthixDAO will be in a position to adjust these parameters as they see fit.

The initial (tentative) governance issues to propose will be:

  • Auditor and Loan Originator approvals

  • Ethix collateral requirements for each stakeholder

  • Fee taken in each loan and what to do with this fees (Buyback Ethix and send them to compensation reserve originally)

  • Yield offered for the lenders

  • Strategies to invest liquidity surplus

  • Distribution of potential surplus from Fix yield offered to lenders to variable yield obtained on DeFi investments

  • Protocol improvements and upgrades

  • Emergencies.

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