Pool Lending - MiniMice Yield Bonds

Lending in agricultural productive projects implies maturity of loans dependent on nature's productive cycles; quite often these cycles last a whole year. Being able to offer a flexible range of maturity improves the operation’s scalability because lenders do not limit their investment opportunities to time spans linked to land labors.

MiniMice Bonds can be bought with three different maturity options starting by the date of purchase. Each duration is related to a fixed interest rate; the longer the lending, the higher the Yield.

A commuter agent allocates these funds into Originators’ loans and the excess is placed in DeFi protocols in order to keep them generating yield; at the same time, that liquidity is available to fund new Originators demands.

This lending instrument is called Minimize Risk Yield Bonds (MiniMice) because it holds Ethix as collateral to be automatically released in case of default. MiniMice are overcollateralized according to this formula:

BondCollateral=PrincipalCollateralMultiplierBond Collateral = Principal * Collateral Multiplier

MiniMice Bonds are delivered in the form of NFTs. The NFT will hold the same parameters as the purchased bond such as: Amount Invested | Time Period (maturity) | Collateral Multiplier.

MiniMice Bonds can be redeemed once their maturity is reached and the unused collateral will be released back to the smart contract. By redeeming the bond, the lender will receive the principal invested plus interest, and NFTs can be kept as collectibles for future use.

At some point, EthicHub’s ecosystem aims to gamefi its platform, becoming a “Farmville-like” game where players compete to generate a win/win impact in real life, benefiting not only small farmers and their communities, but also the environment where rich biodiversity is protected. NFTS will be the foundation of that metaverse.

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