📲Stake Ethix in Celo Valora

Steps for the staking program using Valora wallet



  1. Go to https://ethix.ethichub.com/ or open our EthicHub dApp in Valora app.

2. Connect your Valora wallet by tapping the upper right menu or just clicking on any Unlock Wallet tab.

3. Allow in Valora and back to EthicHub dApp.

4. Go to General Staking section and click on Stake Ethix

5. Choose the amount Ethix to stake. By clicking on Max you'll choose all your balance.

6. Click Start, then read and confirm the Terms and Conditions if you agree.

Note that withdraw tokens are configured with 10 days countdown. So it means that when you want to withdraw you'll need to ask for 10 days in advance, and once these days are due you will have 2 days to claim it.

7. Launch Approve Transaction by clicking Send. This action will be required only the first time you stake Ethix with this wallet.

8. Click on Allow Valora wallet again and go back to EthicHub dApp

9. Click Send to Launch Stake Transaction

10. Sign the transaction in Valora wallet and back to EthicHub dApp

11. Wait for the transaction confirmation and congratulations!

You are doing a great job supporting our farmer's communities!! 👍

12. Go back to the main page https://ethix.ethichub.com/ to see your staking position. Refresh the page if you need it.

13. Check details in Info Pool

14. To withdraw click on COOLDOWN to activate it.

15. Click Send and sign in Valora wallet

16. Wait 10 days to Claim

Hope to see you soon again!!! 😄

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