⚖️Ubewap Liquidity Pool

ETHIX 50% xUSD 50%

Adding liquidity to Ubeswap Liquidity Pool with 50% Ethix and 50% cUSD will produce SWAP APR yield.

In addition, Ubeswap and EthicHub want to thank the efforts of the investors in the pool, so will reward you with a farming program that gives you an additional yield if you stake your LP tokens.


  • Valora or Metamask or any other wallet compatible with WalletConnect, and Celo network configured (for Metamask, you can use http://chainlist.org to configure Celo network). Note: this tutorial is based on Valora app.

  • Balance of CELO for gas, cUSD and ETHIX.


1. Open EthicHub app in your Valora.

2. Scroll down to LP Farming Program in Ubeswap and click on Invest, and it will be forwarded to Ubeswap.

3. In Ubeswap, connect your wallet and scroll down so you can type the amount of the liquidity you want to supply, or you can click on MAX and it will calculate automatically.

4. Scroll down and click on Supply, it will pop-up a confirmation window, click on Confirm Supply, then sign the transaction with Valora.

5. Wait a few seconds for the transaction to be confirmed and hurray! You successfully provided liquidity to the pool and got correspondent LP tokens in exchange.

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