🌿Purchase Ethix

How to purchase Ethix and start creating impact in the real world!

· How to get Ethix with Valora app

· How to get Ethix on desktop with Metamask (coming soon)

· Check Ethix balance in dApp

NOTE: The token Ethix is listed on Valora, so once you followed the steps and want to check your balance of Ethix, just click on "View Assets" in the Home in Valora app.

  1. Go to your browser and type https://ethix.ethichub.com/, or open the Valora app and look our EthicHub dApp up, click on the top right corner to open the menu, and then click on Connect

2. Connect with Valora and then select Valora again to open the app and click on Allow to connect with EthicHub dApp/Ethix site.

3. Go back to the browser or EthicHub dApp, open the menu on the top right corner and you will find your Ethix balance.

If you come across any sort of problem during the process explained above we encourage you to contact our support team. We are more than happy to guide you through it. Thank you!

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