Vested Tokens

Presale Tokens

EthicHub had its presale back in February 2018. The subsequent bear market made the team suspend the expected ICO and strained development efforts, with the team working on the survival of the project by focusing first on establishing proper infrastructure for our first Local Hub (México) and establishing an international market to sell the coffee, straight from the remote communities of Tapachula, México to the world.
The project is stronger than ever and It's time again to focus on decentralization and tokenization as a mean of growth.
Instead of the ICO, the launch of the token will be via liquidity provided to an AMM and distribution via system rewards and incentives.
The tokens sold at the presale will be release in the following schedule:
  • Total tokens sold:
  • Sale price:
  • Vesting start:
  • Vesting: 90 days, with the withdrawable amount increasing proportionally every second.
If you participated in the presale, you will be able to claim your tokens in https://ethix.ethichub.com‚Äč

Team tokens, early contributors and bounties.

The team and early contributors will have their tokens vested for 4 years, with the withdrawable amount increasing proportionally every second.
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