🚜Ethix & SYMM Farming Program

Farm LP tokens to receive community gratefulness rewards.


  • Valora or Metamask or any other wallet compatible with WalletConnect, and Celo network configured (for Metamask, you can use http://chainlist.org to configure Celo network).

  • LP tokens from Symmetric 80% Ethix 20% CELO pool

  • CELO balance for gas


  1. Go to https://ethix.ethichub.com/ or open our EthicHub dApp in Valora app.

  2. Scroll down and click on Invest at Symmetric Pool Balance section.

  3. In Symmetric site click on Farm tab. You will be forwarded to Symmetric farm app: https://farms.symm.fi/farm

  4. Connect your Valora or Metamask in Celo network

  5. Select ETHIX/CELO farm

6. Choose an amount to farm, usually MAX balance.

7. Approve and sign in the wallet.

8. Confirm deposit.

9. Wait for the confirmation of the transaction, it can take some minutes.

10. You will have a TVL position on the farm

11. Your pool balance will have decreased because of your farming.

12. Time to time, ask for your rewards by clicking on Harvest Rewards, get your SYMM and Ethix tokens with very low fees, and reinvest in the pool if you want to compound.

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