💻Desktop wallet

Steps to invest cUSD in ReFi EthicHub's bonds using a desktop interface

  1. Select Celo network

  2. Connect your wallet

4. Choose your bond

  • Small: 3 months of maturity -> 6% APY

  • Medium: 6 months of maturity -> 7% APY

  • Large: 9 months of maturity -> 9% APY

5. Click on Buy Bond and in the next step define an amount of cUSD to invest. You can change maturity as well and review APY for each option

6. Click on Approve transaction and give access contract to interact with your cUSD

7. Once the approval is done, click on Mint Minimice Bond, read and accept Terms and Conditions, and sign again with your wallet

8. Wait until the bond is confirmed

9. Click onGo to My Bonds to check your investment and your balance

10. Once your bond is overdue it will be available to be claimed and you will get your principal plus interests cUSD

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